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Company Policy


Eco-Friendly Ganpati is project designed and managed by Raghu Rajput

We have all the rights to change the price of the Ganpati idol at any time.
We are manufacturer and seller. You can come anytime and booked your idol physically at our workshop.

We also sell Ganpati online through www.ecoganeshart.com

Delivery and Shipping Policy


Home delivery will be done 7-10 days before Ganpati Festival.

We will inform you about the delivery date 2 weeks prior to delivery.
If the customer does not take the idol from the pickup point, he will have to take the idol from the workshop. The customer has to pay an extra handling charge for the idol.

We request you to review the idol at the time of delivery only, In case of any damage inform us immediately. After that, we are not liable for that.
There is no need to panic if break the idol during handling to the customer. We will give another idol instead of that idol if it is in stock but customer has to pay 50% of damaged idol. if nominal damage of Idol. we will be repair it if possible but customer has to pay 25% of idol painting and repairing charges.

Kindly show the Order Confirmation Email along with Id proof at the time of receiving the Idol.

Pickup Policy


We have only one Pickup location which is listed on our website. Other than that we do not have any other pickup locations.

Pickup point will be open till the Ganesh festival on 10 September 2021.

Customer has to pick up their Idol from their selected Pickup point at the time of ordering. If customer visits another pickup point then we will not deliver idol to them.

At pickup point, we do not provide any box or packaging for Ganpati Idol.

Customer have to check Ganpati Idol at Pickup point only for any kind of damage.

Once Ganpati Idol is pickup from the Pickup point, we are not responsible for its damage.

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